Sunday, 27 October 2013

Wild Horses, GGO (20131026) Part 2

After having picked Ignacio up at 7:05 this morning, and Jamie at 7:30, we were off to find some Wild horses. This is  long trip that requires we cover a lot of ground. and we had a busy morning getting into the right territory. After spotting and grabbing images of our first Wild Horse of the trip, we still had ground to cover and things were looking a little dry. We found this herd of 10 animals and tried to get a little closer for some shots.
This is a herd I have found many times before. This unit here is one of my favourites.
As we made our way back to the truck we were greeted by this little Mule deer Doe.
We had our third Wild Horse encounter on the way  home, on a different route. This group of 6 horses looked to be quite comfortable. We had the wind in our favour so we were able to derive an approach plan that put us within 65-70 yrads of these feral giants.
A very successful day tht completed a little redemption for me with Ignacio. On our way home we always stayed in environments that held possibilities for more sightings. We were rewarded with a second GGO, with what Ignacio described as "perfect light!".
This fine looking bird was really quite approachable and allowed all of us to get some great shots. I am afraid that I am being seduced by these birds more and more, I may turn into Jamie:)
We headed over to find a "rumoured" Barred Owl location. We had no luck finding that bird but we were visited by a number of Whiskey Jacks and this male Downey.
I finish this post of with a little "action shot", one of six Whitetails that we spotted crossing the road. This was the only deer that  jumped the fence, all the others went through/under the barbed wire.
This capped off our day nicely. We would have liked to find a couple of Muley bucks in a pretty dependable area but none were available when we travelled through. I feel good about finally finding some quality materials for my guests.  Come on out to Calgary and let me find some quality material for you as well!

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