Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Mallards, Bucks (20131030) Outing with Ignacio

Dental surgery had me out of the game yesterday, so I reached out to Ignacio to see what he had in mind for hte afternoon. We decided to visit a portion of Fish Creek to see if we could find a Buck or two.
We managed to find a Muskrat for a quick shot.
Then up at the other end of the pond were a two pair of Mallards. I queezed off a couple of quick "rounds".
We found some Whitetail Does, then a Muley Doe with a broken hind leg, and just around the corner was this young Muley Buck.
While we were continuingwe found a Muley Doe with her two fawns of this year. We also found this little 8-point Whitretail buck, he was pretty skittish and didn't give us much of a chance for shots.
We realized we were in position to approach the Muley buck we found earlier in the evening from behind, and thought we would see if we could find him.
And we did :)
Look me up when you are in Calgary and we can hit a trail or two.

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