Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Rough Legged Hawks (20131014) out to the Ranch with Neil

With the girls staying home this morning, Neil and I headed to the Ranch to see what we could find. Just as the sun was coming up we encountered this Doe with her two children of this year.
This has been the most beautiful fall here in Calgary in my 8 years here. Out at the ranch the local clours were great at sun up. Thought I would throw in a landscape shot for those of you that like them:)
This Redtail was pretty cooperative, probably didn't want to vacate due to the cool temperatures.
Here it is dropping out from its perch.
Neil was on a mission to grab some Horse and Cattle shots to be used as reference material for Laurel so we stopped on occasion to achieve that objective.
During our travels I was delighted to find that the Rough Legged Hawks have returned to the south.
We actually found many Roughies during the morning, probably 10-12.
Here is a third different bird, we found one that was quite a dark morph, but I haven't got a good shot.
We headed home to arrive by noon and had a terrific day. Drop by Calgary and we can get out for our own "track"!

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