Saturday, 12 October 2013

Pica's, Stellar, White Crown (20131010) Lake Louise

One year ago today Len and I had the experience of a lifetime on the way to meet the ladies at Lake Louise. Today's trek to the Chateau was on a different track and we were all loaded in the same truck. Our daughter came home for Canadian Thanksgiving and brought her sweetheart along. We had an uneventful trip up to the Lake and the weather was threatening snow. I grabbed this Magpie in the parking lot.
As I walked up along the lake I was able to find a couple of other "targets", like this Whiskey Jack. We were treated to some of the nicest colours that I have seen in Alberta since our arrival. Our "reds" tend to be closer to the ground then back east.
As the snow started to fall I was very surprized to find this Prairie bird on a mountail lake. This Western Grebe was a great treat.
At the end of the lake I found my primary target; Pika's. I watched this fella for a bit and he afford some good opportunities.
He ended up running right at me faster than I could adjust my focus and I lost him in the rocks at my feet.
On the return walk, I found this second unit beside the trail, we were alone until a horse train came by and spooked it back into the rocks.
I also found this little Least Chipmunk, he was busy gathering supplies for the winter, just like the Pica.
I was also very presently surprized by this young Stellar's Jay popped by for a visit. This was a very Brief encounter. It just seemed to want to grab a quick drink of water.
It was nice enough to jump into the sun for an instant or two before it disappeared back into the forest. This is probably my best Stellar's yet.
My greatestr treasure of the day though was this juvenile White Crowned Sparrow, which I believe had been blown off course as well.
Here is a shot of a wing stretch. There were a couple of British ladies that were wondering what I could see that they couldn't  :)
Defintely my best shots of this particular specie. This wraps up the Thanksgiving post. Hope you enjoyed it, perhaps you will drop by Calgary for a Track out together.

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