Friday, 9 May 2014

American Widgeons (20140507) A supplemental from the Wednesday outing

As promised from the Wednesday post here is a supplemental of the American widgeons that I spent close to an hour with. Here is a shot that demonstrates the condition in which I found them.
The sun was slipping in and out of the clouds. As it moved through the sky there was also shade from trees that were in the area. After waking up, there is nothing like a nice little stretch.
This appears to be a younger male as he seems to be missing the bright green streak in the head. I was a little diappointed, as these conditions would have really showed that marking of the duck great. Here is a little colour in the wing.
The light blue beak is also a great colourful marker for this bird.  It was great to sit and watch as this beauty just cruised around on the pond.
It wasn't all a "mans" show the lady of the group popped her head up and did a little stretch of her own.
But I think we can all agree that the male is the star of the show. What I appreciate most of these encounters is that the critters are aware of my presence and accept me into their environment. This is really evident when you have birds travel towards you, not fearing you and swimming away!
Of course life isn't all paddling around on the pool and resting on when the urge strikes you. Dad must also always keep an eye out for any threats that might appear from anywhere.
Of course even animals are aware tht after doing laps one should cool down properly and finish the workout with a little more stretching.
As is always my wish i was able to leave them as I found them sleeping on the log. Sometimes the tricky part is not getting close, it is "getting away" when you are finished getting your shots.  I hope you have enjoyed this little supplemental with the Widgeons:)

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