Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sharptail dancing session (20140510) A Saturday supplemental of Sharpies.

In my previous post I promised a few more shots of grouse from our Saturday encounter. There isn't a lot of sense in delaying the ineviable :) Here is the star of the show.
When we first went up the road there were 10-15 birds in the area, they scattered as we approached. So we went down the road a bit and gave them some time to "settle".  Initially there we three males that we saw for certain. When we eased our way back into the area we found this one male with his 5 "girls".
It was a riot to watch as he tried to keep them all rounded up. This is a pretty good shot of his tail.
And as typical, or so it seems, the girls were doing their best to ignore his advances and demands for attention.
It was a great encounter with some great company!
I'll throw a couple more grouse shots in here from my latest drummer bird, Sonny.
He was spectacle, i wish the video that I posted was of better quality.
We left him to go about his business, but do hope that he will be there to entertain us in the future.
I hope you enjoy this series, it was nothing short of joyful to bring them to you!

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