Monday, 19 May 2014

Western Tanager, Coopers Hawks, Yellow Warbler (20140516) A walk in Confederation Park with Tim.

Well this morning I talked Tim into talking a stroll in Confederation Park just north of the city core. I have had good luck there with Dan in the fall and thought that the spring should be even better.
At the park each year that I have been there I have pleased to find Coopers Hawks. Today I found the pair as they wre building their nest. So you can expect to see some more shots later.
This park is also home to Leser Scaup that are pretty comfortable with people around, this afforded me an opportunity for some quality shots.
While there were warblers and such around it was a very quite park. I was expecting for the birds to be singing but Tim was telling me that there was only limited sound. But there wer flitting birds here and there, like this Western Wood Pewee.
Inspite of a drab overcast day that was threatening rain, there were splashes of colour around to catch your eye from time to time. Here is my first Yellow Warbler of the year. I thought you might like the pose:)
We were also treated to the presence of several Western Tanagers that provided a great deal of entertainment.
I was pleased to capture a couple of poor images of a Warbling Vireo.
The Tanager's were providing some real opportunities so I thought I would toss in a couple more shots.
That bird was eating some little bug and this one is chomping down on thorny Buffaloberry fruit.
Here is one of several Orangecrowned Warblers that were teasing us on the day.
To wrap up this post I spotted this little critter on the way back to the truck. I have never spotted this little fella before and I would appreciate hearing from you if you have a rock solid ID.
I hope that everyone has a terrific May long weekend! I am a little behind on my posts so you need to keep tuned for some more updates!

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