Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sapsucker, Kingbird, Ruddy duck (20140523) Another check on the Lewis's

Well over the past couple of days there has been no sign of the rare Lewis's woodpecker and so I thought we would try one more time to spot him. On the road in we stopped to grab a couple of shots of this cooperative Red-naped Sapsucker.
My ony "drummer bird" available today was Junior. I took some more video and am debating whether or not to put it up on YouTube.
It is nice to see the Kingbirds back. While we were able to spot the Easterns the Westerns have eluded me. I know that they are back as Tim shot them on Monday.
While these birds love farmers fences, occasionally you can grab a shot of them on a nice little natural bush. I like this for the environment.
The only action whe had around the woodpecker spot were swallows to I thought that I would toss a shot in.
I didn't post a shot of a Ruddy Duck at all last year, so I grabbed a shot when one was presented today. I am hoping to add an improvement later this year.
This Redwinged blackbird was pretty cooperative so I though he deserved a shot.
That wrapped up our Friday morning adventure. Tomorrow could be a good day as Tim and I are headed out to see if we can find our first bears of the season.

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