Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Kingfisher, Common Yellowthroat (20140518) A dreary Sunday walk.

With threatening rain, we headed out to one of my favourite parks that I seldom visit, and I can't figure out why? After spotting  3 or 4 diferent Says Phoebes we watched this radio collared, ear tagged, Coyote trot off with breakfast for the kiddies.
We found a lot of Cedar waxwings flying overhead and swallows were always present.  We even found several Western Tanagers. In at one of the ponds, in the area we were greeted by this male Belted Kingfisher.
At the same pond as the Kingfisher we also found this Common Yellowthroat, both are new birds on the year for me.
These little sweethearts can be very hard to catch out in the open, so I thought that I'd post a second image.
Not far from there we were inundated with Chickadees, Downy and Hairy woodpeckers and several Whitebreasted Nuthatches. It was a great 20-30 minutes of birding. Our next little visitor was this House Wren that Dan discovered.
As we wrapped up the walk, with sprinkles of rain coming down we were treated to a couple of Blue Jays, I was able to snap a quick one before they disappeared into the trees.
Although a tough day for light our list for the day ran into the 40 different species. Let's hope for some better weather tomorrow:)

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