Thursday, 8 May 2014

Whitecrowned, Widgeons, Downy (20140507) Calgry city parks

I had planned to head down to Frank Lake for the morning but with a -6C temp there would be ice all around the lake. That would mean no shorebirds around.
Instead I met Tim at Griffiths Wood for a walk. He had spotted some Boreal Chickadees there earlier and we were hoping to run into them.  It was a pretty slow shooting morning but we found quite a few birds. Our best encounter was with a group of Whitecrowned Sparrows.
 Afterward I decided to head down to the south end of FCPP and see if I could find anything else of interest. I was not disappointed. I found this pair of American Widgeons sleeping on a log.
 The female is far less colourful but beautiful just the same.
While I was there spending time this Canada goose came along to get a little camera face time as well!
On my way over to check out the frog pond this little female downy woodpecker jumped into my way.
The frog pond was pretty quite, and the eggs themselves show little further development.  One day they will start to wiggle:) It seems it is a rendevous point for the water striders.
I'll wrap up my post here with the promise to put up some more images of my hour spent with the Widgeons.

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