Sunday, 4 May 2014

Yellow rumped warblers (20140503) Saturday Supplemental

We spent so much time with the YRW we found at the end of the morning, I thought they deserved their own post. We were fortunate to find some very cooperative subjects so, here we go.
This is one of several Myrtle's YRW that were available for viewing. Here it is from another angle.
And, how about "head-on"?
Here is the first of two Audubon versions I spotted while we were there shooting.
With the number of images I shot I thought I would add a coupleof close up crops in the mix. I believe that shot shows some of the detail in the head.
Another Audubon, I find the yellow chin to be quite interesting.
It was really nice when they would land in some natural environments for a moment or two.
It was a terrific end to a terrific day. There are many more great shots that we took that have added to the portfolio now.
I'd like to send a special Thank You to Jamie, who inspite of not having the right gear for early morning shooting was up to getting out of bed very early to come with me. He sent me this shot for the blog. I am afraid I was less prepared for the day than he, as he had his "whites" to shoot in May in Calgary.
We are hoping for this white grass to turn to green:)  I hope you enjoyed the post of Yellow Rumped Warblers.

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