Monday, 26 May 2014

Bald Eagle, Spruce Grouse, Columbia groundsquirrel (20140524) Morning in K-Country

Tim and I were out of the house at 4:30 on Saturday looking for the grizzly that Kerri found on week night this week. We were just getting into the "country" when Tim found this Bald Eagle in golden hour light.
It was a quiet drive for the most part. We spotted several elk and one black bear that was a half mile away on a hillside. We got on the rabbit road and found this Rooster Spruce Grouse.
We spent some time with this bird as it was doing its flight display for us, the first time that I had ever witnessed it in person. He would "pop" up into trees for us.
I will be doing a supplemental post to provide more images of this terrific bird. Just 30 yards up the road Tim got to see his first rabbit on the rabbit road:)
With the day warming the Columbian groundsquirrels made their presence known.
As we headed into the rabbit road nearing noon we found this Spruce Grouse hen exactly  where the rooster had been performing in the morning.
It would have been fabulous if "he" had been around so we could witness the interaction, but no luck.
We were spotting a lot of little birds on the roadways, so we stopped and took a look to see if we could identify them.  We spotted some Yellow rumpeds and a group of Chipping Sparrows.
As we headed home, Tim once again spotted a Bald Eagle that we decided to grab images of.
That was our K-Country trip. A little disappointing due to a lack of carnivores but the encounters with the Spruce birds made the day!
Get out in the woods, either in your howe town, or come to Calgary and we will get out together.

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