Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Gosselins, Owlet (20140513) Spring is a time for newborns.

With some more beautiful weather today Tim and I decided that a "walk in the park" was in order. So we headed over to Carburn to see if there were any Loons around willing to pose. No luck but arriving a little early I did find my first gosselings of the year.
There were 5 young ones, and Mom and Dad were not letting them stray too far.
With the early sun providing great light it was a joy to spend a little time with these little fluff balls.
It was hilarious to watch how sometimes they would be independent and the just moments later they would be all balled together. Oh and they have feet that only a parent could love:)
Next up was this female downy woodpecker. we watched as she gathered some bugs then headed into her nest hole to feed her hatchlings.
Then Tim spied the owlet high in the trees with Mom barely visible due to her camo. We spent a couple minutes with these two as they were being a little entertaining. Here is the youngster with a little wing stretch.
Here it is walking out the branch getting ready for take off.
This is a great shot showing how quickly the little one is getting mature colouring and feathers.
These were the highlights of the morning. We spent some time looking for warblers but only Tim managed to get any images. I couldn't help thinking about Mother's Day was just a couple of days ago, and here we are with many more mothers.

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