Friday, 2 May 2014

Grouse, snipe, Swainson (20140501) Investigating what is going on out at the Ranch

When I asked the bride's uncle if he had ever actually seen a Ruffed Grouse drum in the wild, he said no. So I offered to take him out to the Ranch. I was hoping that Action Jackson would be around for a little show. We didn't leave town until almost 8:00 so all the "early stuff" had disappeared. Action wasn't in position so we waited up at the end of the road for a bit. While we were watching the sheep across the river I heard, then spotted this fellow.
I have posted another video on Youtube of this fine fella. He was much further away than Action so the quality is much poorer. Here is the link:
A second Ruffed Grouse drumming on a log.
 I grabbed a quick shot of one of this pair of Redtails.
The uncle is into plants so I made certain to stop and show him some of the Crocus that have been "popping" up.
Of course sometimes you catch them in a small herd.
On the way home I found this Wilson's snipe. My first on a fence post.
I was surprised when I reviewed my shots to see this image, it dropped off the post and onto the ground. It is a little blurry but I was surprised to see that as it dropped off the pole its wings were still tight to its sides.
On our way into the area we had spotted a pair of Swainson's, so on the way home I was hoping to find them in a "good light" situation. We were not disappointed:)
The mate was right beside this bird, I have seen these birds (or their parents) for the past couple of years.
This driveway arch is a classic spot for these birds to rest and watch for their next meal.
This was a terrific day with great light and some cooperative subjects. I hope that everyone out there had as great a day.  We too can have a great day in Alberta, just drop on by.

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