Monday, 26 May 2014

Broadwinged Hawk, Greenwing Teal, Sora (20140524) A GVR that produces surprising results.

Call us "pleasure gluttons" but it is just hard for us to stay home when we get a chance to be out shooting wildlife. On our drive home Tim and I were in contact with Jamie and we arranged a hookup at a city park, and we were on the road again!  We swung on to a road that Kerri exposed us to and we had a great start to the trip. This Eastern Kingbird got us rolling.

 At the next little pond Tim asked to stop so he could grab a Bufflehead shot, and we were pleased to at first hear then see our first Soras of the year. You should be seeing mor of these little beauties in future posts.
This seems to be the year of the Says Phoebe for some reason we are finding them everywhere, maybe the flood last year has something to do with it?
Next up we spent some time with this Townsend's Solitaire, this might be my best image yet of this bird. I think we all had the pleasure of getting this bird.
Our next little discovery came courtesy of Jamie. We had stopped the vehicle and wre getting out when he notifiied us of this birds presense. This is my first ever chance to capture a Broadwing Hawk, this is a juvenile.
Our next surprise was this little Greenwing Teal that didn't want to flush for some reason. We were content to shoot him from the truck while he swam in circles.
This was a real treat., so I'll add another shot of this "tough to get" beauty.
To  wrap up this post I will add a second shot of the Broadwing as well.
It was a terrific day, but pretty tiring. I didn't get home until 9:00 p.m. and was one tuckered out lad. But, if you don't get out, you won't find anything:)

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