Monday, 5 August 2013

20130804 part 2 Shovelers, Stilts,deer

Here is the second of what will turn out to be three posts for this past Sunday, a few of these were taken while we were still in the blind, the balance will be on the road. I have been struggling to get some decent shots of Northern Shovelers all spring and summer. I find them very hard birds to get close, so when a hen and two juveniles came swimming in and started to nod off I got my shots for the year.
I find their Jimmy Durante style "beaks" to be entertaining, another wonder of the natural world. I was totally unaware of colours on the wings. It was a pleasure to spend a little time with them, next time I will have to get the male.
We even had a visit with the area bully, the Black Necked Stilt is an alarm unit, so it was nice that it flet comfortable enough to walk by and inspect the troops.
They are a long legged bird that has very small body, and vocal chords that wake up the neighbourhood.
It was a great quiet peaceful morning. With it being a long weekend, I expect everyone was in the mountains or camping, so the lake was pretty much ours. Stretching seemed to be the order of the day.
We headed over to the permanent blind as Jamie had never been there. It was a pretty quiet spot as far as activity went so we took a walk on one of the trails. We had this Harrier come in for a visit.
There were Ibis' flying everywhere, but they take a tough photo in the conditions that were present, Jamie spotted this young Sora working over the mud flat.
We headed out with the hopes of finding a Long Billed Curlew or maybe a badger, and we spotted this little Doe, she had a fawn with her that stayed hid.
This little lady looks like we caught her with her mouth in the "candy jar". They do seem to like the Canola field for a mid morning snack.
I'll wrap this post's " part duex" of the day with a Killdeer on a mud flat.
I will try to finish this up tomorrow night. 2000 images was a lot to get through to select items for here. I hope you had a great wildlife weekend.

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