Monday, 19 August 2013

Marsh wren, Grebe,Huns (20130817) Testing out the 2.0TC in the South East

Well I have been very disappointed with my results when using my 2.0 Teleconverter so I took my gear into the Camera Store for a once over. It turned out there was a large smudge on the lens and the sensor needed a good cleaning as well. So I thought I would take it  a spot where I knew some long distance shots would test out the gear. On the drive our I found this pair of Muley bucks having a morning snack.
I am happy with how this juvenile Black Necked Stilt turned out.
The Stilt and this juvenile Grebe were both taken at one of my most dependable water bird areas.
On route to another favourite spot I happened into this covey of Hungarian Partridge. I saw them from a distance but couldn't identify them as birds until I got much closer and they started to move. Anyone who knows these birds is aware they don't hang around long. But I had a good Canadian, Shania Twain, on the radio, and these birds halted and came right back down the road affording me the opportunity of a couple of shots. This might be the best for sharpness.

Shortly after arrival at my "new" spot I found a group of Marsh Wren's, hopefully this makes up for shots of these birds that I posted in the past. I think this turned out great considering ISO800 and using the TC.
So I took a short stroll and wasn't presented limited opportunities. I did "put up" a female Harrier and I believe I found the meal she was dining on. It would have been a pretty big bird, the evidence was very "fresh", I am certain this was her breakfast. The only target that I was happy with was this dragonfly. You don't associated big lenses with TC's as macro tools, but I'm happy with this @ 550mm F9.
Getting back to the Wren hot spot I decided to take an extra few minutes and was presented with this bird.
A fine specimen, or so I think:)  Passing through the area where Dan and I had found the Redtail Hawk's nest, I found one of the Juveniles.

I took a swing back through my initial water area and grabbed this Killdeer shot, perhaps my best yet.
That will be the last image for this post. Overall I think that the experiment was a success, so I am just now hoping to find some larger animals with some nice light so they can fill the frame at 600mm. Have a great Wildlife weekend!

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