Friday, 23 August 2013

This time of year means New Steward Training. (20130821)

Tuesday I headed off to perform Stewart Shadowing duties at ASCCA. New Stewards have to have a tour with an experienced Steward so they understand their duties fully. Art was the newcomer and we met @ 8:00 for a morning stroll. We have been having bright sunny conditions for the  past week, and today was promising to be another  beauty.  Our first find was this yellow Dragonfly.
Our next opportunity was presented by this group of Cedar Waxwings.
And while we were "spotting" other birds Art found this young Sapsucker. This is a side of these birds that we don't often get to see, they are usually pressed firmly against the tree.
Here is another shot showing off what will become a beautiful crest of red feathers. This fellow was very approachable, this was a no crop shot. As usual his belly is against the tree.
While the four legged critters were staying well hidden the 6 leggers were plentiful and cooperative. Here is one of our very precious pollinators.
I can see that I am going to have learn a little more about our Alberta Insects as I don't know which grasshopper this is, it appears to be laying eggs in the gravel.
We did manage to find at least a partial herd of elk, it looked like about 15-20 cows and calves, and a single Mule Deer doe. we finished up the walk on a high point with my first ever look at a 13 lined ground squirrel on this property. I have seen many community holes but never have been able to see on of the little fellers.
The first 13 liner we found was in the field and pretty well hidden in the shadows. After we stopped in at Belvedere House, I happened to find this fella out playing in the sunny grass and clover.  Here is a fulll length shot of the little critter.
I'll wrap up this post here, expect another soon as I behind three posts as it is. I am in a situation where I am able to get out on almost everyday, to the photos start to really stack up. Have a great wildlife week!

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