Thursday, 22 August 2013

A trip with Brent and Janine for Bears. (20130820) Will Tuesday's work for bears?

About two months ago I had a time set up with Brent and his Bride to take her out for grizzly bears. But then the floods happened here in Calgary and we didn't get out because many roads were closed and impassable.
So I finally had an opportunity to get them out for a cruise on Tuesday. While the prime target was unmistakable, the secondary target was an up close moose. We were getting close to bear country when we spot two moose on he highway. The headed off without allowing us to get close, but we swung into a nearby roadway to see if we could find them.
we spotted them, and they were very comfortable munching on some salad. As we moved slowly, she was very calm and even approached us more closely.
She had a great looking, healthy calf that will do her proud in the years to come.
The morning was pretty uneventful, we spotted 3 more moose, but having had a great encounter we did not want to press our luck with them.  On the "Rabbit" road we had a terrific opportunity with a hen Spruce Grouse.
She had at least 4 chicks with her, they were all capable of flying and were across the road. Once she had them all safely to her side of the road she"popped" up into this Spruce tree, how fitting.
While we scooted out for a washroom break we ran into a small group of Rocky Mountain Sheep, some Ewe's with Lambs.
This was a very small herd, that had the typical matriarch's. I managed to catch her in some great light.
I was unable to find us a bear, it was really quite disappointing. The wind was up and in spite of it being a Tuesday there was an inordinate amount of traffic on the road. I am hoping to get them back out after the baby is born, it will probably be in May or June of next year.
That wraps up this post, I hope you have a great wildlife week!

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