Saturday, 24 August 2013

Out with Tim and daughter Fallon (20130822)

Needing to get out for more walking (I am brutally out of shape right now) Tim and Fallon take me to one of the newest Provincial parks in the area. We are a little late getting away and take a couple of minutes for a side trip to potentially find some Red Fox that have been showing themselves in a particular area. No luck with the foxes so we headed over to the Park. I Let Tim direct our travel as this is a new area for me, soon get out first bird opportunity, and it is a Vesper Sparrow, the first I have ever posted here.
There were bugs everywhere;dragonflies, butterflies, grasshoppers, even mosquitoes. Here is a shot of a particularly delicate "darning needle" .
The fields were full of sparrows, there were also raptors about: Kestrels and Swainson"s Hawks. Here is a shot of what I believe is a juvenile Vesper.
Tim spotted a coyote on the run, and in spite of being in what many people would consider "open land" it disappeared in a matter of seconds. This next shot might be my nicest moth shot over. This "Police Car" is small not as large as a 25 cent piece.
Not only was it nice to see the colours in the butterflies and bugs, but the late summer flowers look super as well. I don't know what this is called, but it looked great!
It was a fabulous sunny day for a walk and by 1:00 it was getting pretty warm (for Calgary), The heat seemed to get other things "heated up". These two grasshoppers decided to take a little enjoyment in the day as well.
That was the end of our walk, I missed the opportunity to grab a shot of a Northern Flicker, oh well, C'est la vie.  I hope everyone has a great Wildlife weekend.

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