Saturday, 3 August 2013

Kingbirds, Ruffed Grouse. (20130803) Leisurely drive with the uncle

Well it was time to take to the uncle out for a morning tour, he has been recovering from knee surgery. He always likes to get out for a little time in the woods. We didn't leave town until 8:30, so we were not expecting to find much. Our first bird was a Grey Partridge, it looked like a juvenile bird that had been separated from the brood. No shots worth posting:(  But it was a morning full of Kingbirds. This single adult provided a great opportunity.
We also found this juvvie Redtail. I love this time of year as the youngsters give us a chance to get some closer shots.
We were cruising along when this family of Kingbirds made themselves available for a couple of shots.This is the first time I have found a family group of  this bird.
Here is a shot of Mom telling the youngsters not to do anything foolish.
This pair looked to be almost inseparaable:)

It seemed to be "family day" with all the youngsters around. Like Thursday there were hundreds of sparrows flitting about. I have to give the credit for these next couple of shots to Middy, as he spotted this family group of Ruffed Grouse. Can you find all three?
I believe there were at least two more in behind here, and we were so busy watching these we didn't see Momma on top of a very nearby Aspen. Here is a shot of just one of the chicks.
We weren't finished with the King birds yet. This is the first time I've seen them eating berries.
And here is a Western Kingbird, it has a yellow belly. we watched at this bird flew out for insects at least 10 times, and it would always land facing the field so this is the best I could do to show the yellow.
I'll finish this post up with one of the many Swainson's we found during the day. This one had a Ground Squirrel carcass it was finishing off. It is a very dark morph, so I had to lighten it up a bit to get some clarity.
That, wraps up today's track. We grabbed lunch at the hotel and added a cool beverage to the body. Here is hoping that you get out and enjoy some wildlife time this weekend!

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