Friday, 16 August 2013

Thursdays are always my favourite days for Grizzlies. (20130815)

I talked Jamie into a Thursday afternoon run, hoping to ch
ange my recent luck:)  Before we got out of town we grabbed a good look at what I thought was a male Harrier, but turned out to be a juvenile Redtail. We grabbed a meal at Albert and Walter's and headed out. We stopped in to see if we could find a Waterthrush at Jamie's sweetheart hole, but no luck. We did get a shot of this bird, specie still yet to be confirmed.
We also found a small group of Yellow Warblers, while we at the "pond" I tried out a wing shot of a dragon fly.
We grabbed this loon in a reservoir, I don't know if this is an adult that is starting to molt, or just change feather colour, or if it is a juvenile. I like the head thrown back shot.
Not too far down the road we found our first bear of the night, it was a black bear that was quite a distance off. I didn't manage to get any shots. We did not miss the next bear though. We had just had a car pass us the going the other way and this youngster scampered up the hill.
Although there are berries evident in the shot by its flank, the food supply is no where near what it should be, I expect an early frost may have stunted the crop.  This bear was obviously wanting to get across the road.
It meandered back down to the edge of the road and watched as another vehicle passed.
Before the dust settled it was across the road, headed out on a mission it seemed.
We found one other Grizz that evening bit it didn't present us with any opportunities. We found one cow moose that disappeared into the woods just as Jamie called moose "the ninja's of nature", amazed at just how quickly these huge animals can melt out of sight. On the drive out we started to find more and more deer. Here is a shot of a young one practicing what Mom has been teaching her.
I'll wrap this post here with the hopes of getting out on the weekend once or twice. Have a great Wildlife weekend!

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