Friday, 2 August 2013

On a quest with Dan, again (20130801)

I was talking to Dan and he was heading out to find a new "mud flat", so I asked him to pick me up. We were off after the dreaded Red Knot once again. We headed out loaded down with Dan's new blind and a couple of lawn chairs expecting to get some leisurely shooting in the late evening. We found literally hundreds of sparrows flitting around. I was distracted by the puff balls and blue damsel flies.
A flash of colour caught my eye and I took this shot of a Western Tanager, it was quite a way off, but wouldn't let us get any closer for a better shot. Sorry for the small image.
Here is a shot of a Whitefaced Ibis, I think it is a good example of the colour differences that they have on their backs and wings.
As we walked along the top of dyke looking for flats we were putting birds up constantly, like this Willet.
I was able to grab a couple of shots of this Caspian Tern, in this shot he missed his target.
Here is a "hover" shot, they have a pair of long narrow feathers on the outside of their tail.
As we reached the end of the dyke (an hour after leaving the truck) we cam upon this corner mud flat, but at this time it was too late to set up and there was a storm starting to blow in, so we headed hack to the truck.
I did shoot this Willet, and was very happy with the quality of the shot given the conditions.
It was great to get out, we weren't expecting to walk quite that far, but it was a terrific evening. I hope everyone gets the chance to experience nature and a little wildlife on the upcoming long weekend!

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