Monday, 26 August 2013

Monday Moose with Jamie (20130826)

Out dark and early again this morning, heading up north to meet up with Jamie for another round of running around:) The weather was not looking good as I drove through rain several times on the way to Jamie's.   Cruising along we found two nice Whitetails.
In one of our favourite water holes we found a loon close to shore. Managed a quick take off shot.
We started the day off really well and it continued to get better. We found our first of 7 or 8 moose trying to hide behind this bush. Really? Everyone knows if these big critters want to hide they can do it like a Ninja!
Here is Cow moose three. We didn't even see here initially, but found her when we went over to get some shots of Cow two. They just seemed to be popping up everywhere, but everthing else was staying pretty well hidden.
With all the ladies out and about we were disappointed that we hadn't seen a bull for the last couple of days, then one pops out right in front of us.  It was still pretty cool, I think you can see a little of his breathe coming out his nostrils next to the gravel. He is likely either a 2 or 3 year old.
Here is another shot of him as he passed by us. There were a  couple of cars that drove up and spooked him. He trotted right on by us and into the brush.
I'll spare you more shots of cow moose, but I will throw in a shot of a young American Robin sitting in a a berry bush. The bears have lots of competion for this food source.
On the drive home we found two nice Muley bucks standing in the middle of a feed field. I won't bore you with shots of both, I think that this is the nicer looking buck.
Overall another sucessful day that saw us log some miles and hours and finding several tons of wildlife.
I hope everyone had a great Wildlife weekend.

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