Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bucks & Chicky's (20130823) Friday morning run with Jamie

This is a great time of year to find bucks in velvet, and we are getting down to the last 30 days or so of our most accommodating raptors the Swainson Hawk. Jamie likes these shots, of the bird making all the necessary adjustments, just prior to taking flight.
Just a couple miles up the road, the kind of trophy we were looking for, this fella had two smaller (although not much) bucks and a number of Does laying down with him.
A little further in, Jamie spotted this coyote sleeping on top of a hay bale. This is only the second time I've seen a coyote do this. The last time was with Tim out at the Ranch.
We spied this little buck walking parallel to the road, we had to wait until he came to a stop where we could get a lens on him. His antlers are pretty asymeterical for some reason.
We took a little stroll and spotted quite a few LBJ's (Little Brouwn Job's) here is a Flycatcher, I don't know which one.
Here is a little mystery bird that I don't know what it is.
As we approached the road opening we heard quite a bit of chirping, and Jamie said he thought they were chickadees. I was able to call a group of 8-10 Boreal chickadees down into Camera range.
Within a couple of hundred yards I grabbed this shot of a Marsh Wren. When it comes to these little birds this year has been a bounty.
As we got to the pond we were able to shoot this Great Blue Heron.
To finsih up the day I grabbed this Redtail Hawk that hung around long enough for us to get pretty close.
A great morning of Bucks and Chickadees (we actually saw all three species on this trip; Mountain, Blackcapped, and Boreal) with some other action thrown in just to keep up hopping. Have a great wildlife weekend!

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