Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Sunday with Kerri and the Kritters (20130818)

Kerri and I were kind of undecided as to our exact route, until we got to the turn off, and she said "I thought we were heading in here!", so the turn got made, and we were on the hunt for large mammals.We start off with a small gathering of Whitetails, so we chose this buck to start the day.
Our next sighting was of a cow and calf moose.  The calf remained hidden and didn't present any opps, so we had to settle for shots of the cow.
Shortly after leaving these two we spotted our first Grizzly of the day. Almost immediately after spotting the bear, here comes this little bull hightailing it up the hill. I don't know if it had an encounter with the bear or not (I kind of doubt it) but as he ran by we could see his left antler was dangling from his head.
You can't see it from the previous shot but here is one as he headed down the road.
Now I don't mean to tease ya, but I am going to hold back the Grizzly shots we got today for a separate supplemental post, there were just too many good shots to try and jam all the shots into a single post. So without further adieu, here are a couple of shots of the calf we missed earlier in the day.
It has a very well defined "mane", A terrific face, and has a dark grey colour that is uncommon.
While we took a run for a little gas, we ran into a small bachelor herd of Rocky Mountain Sheep.
I'll wrap up this post with a shot of American 3 Toed Woodpecker that Kerri found while we were stopped to have a relaxing beverage.
I will post the Grizzly shots in a day or two. Hoping you are having some wildlife in your week!

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