Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Grizzly shots only! (20130818) Sunday supplemental

As promised in my previous post here are some Grizzly shots from our Sunday trip.  We had spotted this bear about a half mile down the road but had to stop and take shots of a moose trotting up the ditch toward us. It didn't seem to know what it wanted to do. It walked out on the road in front of us.
Then it decided to back to the ditch to have some more berries. I like this eye of the bear in this shot.
I didn't get any shots of our second bear, it was very uncooperative and headed off into the woods without providing us any shooting opportunities. That was the action for the morning (other than the critters from the previous post). Early in the after though, we hit paydirt and were able to follow a young sow with one cub for almost 20 minutes. While the Sow slipped by us I did manage to "catch" the cub in an opening.
We were able to find the two of them together, as usually the Sow was working the treeline. It was nice to get the two of them in one spot.
This is the closest shot that the bears got to us as they traveled the treeline. This is shot @420mm and has no crop. I am expecting it was out about 35 feet.
As they worked down the treeline beside the road, we "hopscotched" ahead of them and waited for them to come to us. Our last encounter had us set up well ahead of the bears and they decided to cross the road, and they walked up the opposite ditch providing us with our best shot opportunities of the day.
I really like the colouration of this bear. She has lighter brown areas on her face that provide a distinctive marking pattern.
She probably walked 30-50 yards up the ditch, getting closer to the truck all the while, before deciding to get out of the direct sun.
Of course right behind Momma comes Junior.
We decided at this point we were not going to try and stay ahead of these fabulous "hosts". They had provided us with some exciting shooting and will provide memories for years to come. Here is the last shot I took of the youngster.
I hope you enjoy these shots, I know that Kerri and I had a great time taking them. Have a super wildlife week!

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