Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Ibis, GHO's (20130804) Part 3

I appreciate your patience as I try to get all these shots out here on the Blog. I found out I had an easier job than Jamie, he took 3000 shots to my 2000, lots of great shots for material in the future. We were on a stalk for a GHO when I had the chance to capture this "bumble bee" on a flower.
We had spotted this fellow taking in the morning sun under the highway bridge. I think it was a pretty good "spot"!
We headed around for a cruise with the hopes of finding more material to shoot. Around one o my favourite hot spots we ran into some stuff worth taking our time. This is probably my best Whitefaced Ibis.
 There were three or four families of Black Necked Stilts here is mom with two juvvie birds.
One of the high spots in this little gem of a spot, was this little family of Earred Grebes.
This is the same area where my nemesis owl lives. Several times over the past couple of years it has caught me, unexpectedly flushing in an area where you wouldn't expect to find a GHO.
It did it to us again!
I have been working on getting closer to these birds for the past two years so it was nice to have good conditions and a cooperative bird for a change:)
I"ll wrap this post up with this fella taking off, they are a goofy looking bird in flight, but I gotta keep chasing them:)
That will do it for this great day. Thanks for looking and I hope you have a great wildlife week!

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