Sunday, 11 August 2013

A very disappointing day (20130809)

I guess we shot our wad last Sunday in the blind! With the majority of tourists from the previous long weekend I thought that an early Friday morning run would prove to be fruitful, boy was I wrong! Out of the garage at 4:55 a.m. and on the road to Lake Louise. It seemed like a great looking morning with a little morning mist, but the sun was burning that off. I did the complete run from Banff to Lake Louise and the only four legged critters out were the Squirrels. I found a couple of birds of prey; a Redtail and a Merlin. Coming back through Canmore I decided to take the Spray Lakes road run with the hopes of salvaging the day. More Squirrels:
I did drive by this little Black Bear eating berries, but when I turned around to try and get a shot he scooted away and all I got was this shot through the windshield, sorry for the poor quality (evidence:).
A little further down the road this pair of youngsters.
This young Coyote gave me a few good opportunities for shots.
And this shot of it climbing the hill as it was on its way to where only it knew
That pretty much wrapped up the day for wildlife, a very disappointing outing, but the Sun don't shine on the same dog's *ss everyday:)  A good day is coming up soon. I know that some of you had a great wildlife day!

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