Tuesday, 10 June 2014

(20140607) Saturday in the blind Part deux

Just as we were wrapping up our Blind visit these two Phalaropes provided us with some entertainment. These birds are amond the exceptions in the bird world where the female is actually the more brilliantly plummed. He prepares the nest, gets her to lay the eggs, then she is off to the next fella, while he takes care of raising hte babies.
Well after 4 or 5 hours in the blind we decided to do a little exploring, surely there were some other sights to be found. We took a little trip over to the large wooden blind built on the lake. As we drove up we found a group of 7 Whitefaced Ibis working the mudflats.
As we approached the blind we were greeted by this Willet, another first of the year for this post. It really has been a great day so far.
The American Coot is another bird that I continue to shoot with the hopes of getting a truly definitive image, and that image continues to elude me.
As a contrast I find that this year I have been able to truly capture the subtleties of the Eared Grebe to my satisfaction. Maybe it is my improved gear:)
It was great to be able to show Tim his first evr Common Yellowthroat. They are beautiful little birds, or should I say tiny?
Walking back to the truck we picked up a couple more birds, this flying Phalarope.
This Yellowhead provided us with some entertainment. There were a number of these birds flitting about. It was nice to get him on green.
As we moved over to the East side of the lake we were greeted with this Ibis coming in for a landing. It is not hard to see why I like to shoot hese beauties.
We were also greeted with a Sora that ran across the road in front of us. You don't usually see them too far out in the open. This is a shot of a different bird in the same area.
I will stop this post here as there are many more images to come. Stay tuned!

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