Monday, 9 June 2014

Ruddy Duck, Night Heron, Westrn Grebe (20140607) A morning in the Blind with Tim part1

3:30 and the alarm is on full. Tim arrives at 4:00 and we are off to the lake to find some morning gems. As it turns out we will not be disappointed. I question the positioning of the blind at first, but as the light comes so do our friends, like this Ruddy Duck, in golden hour light.
This next image is perhaps my best ever bird in flight shot. These are particularly gorgeous birds, and I am very hapy to be able to capture this Blackcrowned Night Heron.
This next bird is also a new critter for this year on the blog. It fills out my Grebe list with only the Clark's missing. This Western Grebe cam into the cove, did a little cruise by just for us.
This female Wilson's Phalarope just "plopped" into the mud right in front of the blind window. She just sat there for about 3 or 4 minutes, resulting in several hundred shutter clicks:)
It was a day at the lake where the parents were taking the kids to the beach for a picnic. This family of Canadians were out for a stroll and some sun.
As has been our benefit almost every time we have been out this year the Bluewing Teals came in close for a beautiful opportunity.
There we a couple of Cinnamon's floating in the area as well. We were having great time and being provided with photo opp after photo opp.
Next up for a morning appearance was a Northern Shoveler. There wer a pile of these birds around but this was the only fella that wondered anywhere close at all.
We had this pair pf Lesser Scaups that seemed to have been hit hard by Cupid's arrows.  They were great to watch at various times through the hours we were there.
Next up is another newbie ofor the year, and he only dropped in for a very short time. He was mixed in with a bunch of his "common" cousins. This Barrow's Goldeneye was a great spot.
I will wrap up this part of the post with another new bird for the year and that is a Forster tern. I am very happy with this image. I like that you can see right through the nasal bridge.
Stay tuned as there is at least two more posts coming as follow up to this terrific day. I hope you enjoy.

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