Monday, 16 June 2014

Coyote (20140613) No bears tonight in the rain.

Tim let me talk him into a run for bears on a Friday 13th, and the traffic was doing all it could to keep us in the city.The light wasn't all that great and the critters were few and far between. We were able to spot one Coyote, but it was on the run.  The second one we found however was the most accomodating Coyote model I have ever encountered.
It just lazed around for a bit wondering what we found so interesting. Here is a cropped image of this great looking creature.
After he had rested sufficiently, he got up he casually looked around as our shuters were clicking away. He seemed totally unconcerned.
Then he just casually stepped into the darkness of the undergrowth and disappeared.
That was the extent of our wildlife viewing opportunities. It was a terrific encounter. One I hope we get to repeat at some time in the future. What was your wildlife experience this weekend?

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