Thursday, 5 June 2014

Yellow bellied Marmots, Red Fox, Golden Eagle (20140601) A run to find Marmots.

Kerri had found a couple of Yello-bellied Marmots a couple of weeks ago. So today after the morning walk we had made arrangements to head down and see if I could find these little critters for the first time in my life.
This little lady was a pleasure to spot as soon aswe arrived. We had threatening skies so light was once again at a premium. We were pleased to see that there were marmots aplenty on the top of the ridge. These are just two of the dozen that were available.
As we walked the path we could find these great big gophers warming themselves on the rocks, always vigilant.
This mother had her little one near by. She would "chirp", quite loudly, warning the little one of the presence of people. It was tough to get a shot of her large lower teeth.
On the drive home we had a little luck adding sweethearts to our list for the trip. Items like this little Red Fox, Kerri took better shots I believe.
Kerri also had a chance to grab some Feruginous Hawk shots. I think that I might be able to talk her into providing a shot for the blog here. This is a long distance Golden Eagle (our second of the day) that only kept moving further away.
I'll wrap this trip up with another long distance bird. This Prairie Falcon was way up on the cliff edge in Marmot country.  Kerri did a nice job of spotting this bird.
I hope you are taking advantage of the bounty of spring appearances in your area.

Here are a couple of shots from Kerri, first off is the Red Fox.
And here is her shot of a Ferruginous Hawk.
For more of her great shots, visit her website here.

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