Monday, 16 June 2014

Bald Eagle Kriders Redtail (20140608) Shots from a trip on the Bluebird Trail

While on the Bluebird trail I was able to grab a couple of images. No Sunday walk this week as I had to do a Bluebird run. The trail is a little disappointing. I have 35 houses an only two pairs of Bluebirds, the rest are tree swallows. I spotted this big fella along the highway. He a let me get pretty close.
It is always great to find an American Goldfinch in this country. This little sweetie was out on the ranch.
Of course when you are in tree swallow country you gotta take a the odd shot of one of them.
Then to top my day off I was able to get my first ever shots of a Kriders Redtail.
Here it is on the wing. The head only had a small patch of dark feathers in the middle at the back.
It is really odd to see a Redtail without the signature "hood". That wrapped up the day, it was a terrific way to spend some time. I hope everyone got out for some wildlife activity.

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