Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Saturday Supplemental GreatGrey Owls (20140614) Greys in flight

As mentioned in my previous post we had such a great day in the company of owls. Many of these will be "in flight" shots as we were well positioned for those types of images. Here is a shot of our first owl of the day.
Here is a shot of this same owl as he approached Jamie.  I couldn't believe it as I watch as this owl flew directly at my partner, I was just hoping that he was ready, and he was! You can see more of his shots at his Flickr page here
This shot of our second owlwas taken as he "launched" at his prey. It was a successful strike as in my earlier post you so it with its prize in its mouth.
Here is the same bird, even after one mouse, this unit was still hunting. Here are a couple of images as it tries for another meal.
Up, and at 'em!
I believe this next image is an excellent study on the anatomy of these large birds. When you take a look at their tail, legs and wings, there is not a lot else to them. It would look like their head is about 1/3 of their entire body.
Here is our third GGO of the day. While not as lucky as Jamie, this bird flew close by me. I was really happy to find this image when I was reviewing my shots.
We watched this fella for a little while. He was actually successful on one of his "pounces" off of a fence post. Here he is with his meal.
Overall the best owl day we have had in quite a while. The Great Horneds are great but they do not have the ability to ignore people in their area while they hunt. When we throw in a Northern Pygmy owl on the day it was simply stellar. I hope you enjoy the supplemental shots!

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