Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Grizzlies, Grizzlies , Grizzlies (20140622) I finally found a bear or two.

On my own this morning but that's not necessary new. I have travelled these tracks on my own long before I started "taking folks out". That is how I established my "tracks", exploring and finding wildlife in all different kinds of habitat. So this morning I was keeping myself company, but no need to explore I knew exactly where I was going and why:) On my way I though I would check in and see if the owlets were out and available for a shot or two. They didn't disappoint.
Here is its nest mate in the tree next to, sitting in the shade.
Getting close the "summit" I found this male Pine Grosbeak on the highway. He let me get down on my belly and get pretty close for this shot.
I hooked up with Mike K whom I discoverd at one of the pullouts and we did a short tour together. We found this young Grizzly in a very dark area. 
Mike dropped me off back at my truck at about 10:25 and went on his way. I found this blonde cub with its mother at about 10:30.
It was looking at then seeing this cow moose that walked out on the road. It grunted and headed off into the woods with mom hot on the trail behind. I thought it was odd behaviour.
Here is mom showing us how junior learned to look around for danger. Although she was looking down wind and we couldn't see any sign of danger she took her yearling into the woods immediately.
It was turning an all-star morning. Leaving this pair after spending almost 90 minutes with them I came around the corner to find this fella laying in a field of dandelions gorging himself.
I actually had enough time to take a little video of this beauty. You can see it at my YouTube channel. The clip is here. I hope you take the tie to watch and enjoy. Pumped up on adrenalin from this great encounter and others from the day I headed home. About 10 up the road I ran into a "bear jam". I pulled in to find this large sow. What a beautiful bear!
  Another a few seconds and I spotted the trwo cubs coming along behind. Mom had enough of the attention and took them up the hill and out of sight. They decided to take a last peek before disappearing into the woods.
I will be doing a supplemental as I have a lot more to share of these magnificient creatures. This is the timeto come on out to Calgary and let me take you on a Tour.

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