Monday, 2 June 2014

Grebes, Owls, Yellowheaded Blackbird (20140530) Friday evening run.

With a short day at work I checked in with Jamie to see if he was up for a South East run. The idea was to show him a few spots close to home. This Eared Grebe was our first opportunity.
Our next little encounter was with two Blacknecked Stilts that were doing the broken wing routine.
While the SE is full of owls we were surprised to find this unit, very close to the ground. It was on the shady side of the bush staying cool.
Just around the corner we found the rest of the family, here is one of the youngsters.
Next we found ourselves in a sweetheart of a little hole that gave us this beautiful Bluewinged Teal.
It also served us up the best image of a Phalarope that I have to date. Here is an example. I love that we can see the black legs on this bird.
With the bright sun in a bad position, this Horned Grebe made an appearance.
Right on the highway we were able to spot and catch this gorgeous Redhead.
We spent some time at a marsh watching a Northern Harrier, it was very entertaining. I walked over and shot this Yellowheaded Blackbird. A beautiful shot.
We finished up watching this Swainson as it took a dive into the grass. We were hoping that it came up with more than just grass, but no luck.
 It was a super eveing with many other shots that could have made the post. We headed home early as we had a plan for an early morning run where Jamie was going tobe the guide. Have a super wildlife day!

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