Sunday, 22 June 2014

Bluebirds, Muley bucks, Goldfinch (20140620) A trip out to the Bluebird Trail

It was time ti take another monitoring trip out to the Bluebird trail. Jamie thought that he would ride shotgun, and I have come to the realization that I need to have a camera shooter along for the ride. I did have the opportunity to take a few images my self. I think I might get a few image from my sidekick in a bit. Here is one of my two Bluebird nests, this one has 6 little ones in it.
Just up the road we found 3 Muley Bucks laying down I was able to get shots of two of them before they trotted off. Here is the senior of the group.
This is one of his smaller buddies. I doubt he'll get any breeding privileges this year.
As we were finishing up our last "trail" this screaming Swainson just wouldn't shut up. I think he might be signalling he is a new daddy?
We had an extra couple of minutes after the run so we decided to do a little exploring out at the ranch. That is where we found not only this American Goldfinch.
Then as the light ws fading very quickly we found this Momma Bluebird
Her mate was working overtime as well stuffing bugs into the house to the youngsters.
The plan is to get out specifically for these birds one day in the coming weeks. We found one more Muley buck, the nicest of the lot today.
On our way out of the Ranch we wre given the nicest surprise of the evening. Mom GHO was taking the kids out for some practice runs on the open field.
That wrapped up our Friday evening tour. It was a terrific afternoon and evening. Tomorrow is a new day, and a whole new adventure here in Alberta.

A couple of shots from Jamie: me checking a nest box.
Here is a clutch of Tree Swallow eggs.
And this is what they look like when they come out of their shells :)
You can find more of Jamie's great shots here.

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