Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Baltimore Oriole, Sora, Grebes (20140531) An early Saturday Sora hunt.

Well after a highly successful Friday night run to the South East I was pumped to be getting guided by Jamie in his old stomping ground. He had promised some exceptional sightings so both Tim and I were positive we would have a great morning. We started with a Piedbill Grebe. The sun was barely up in a very poor location for images.

Next up was our second Grebe, this one was a Rednecked. She was on a nest and once she left we could count 4 eggs. So we left her to her duties.
Next up we managed to get a Sora out on an open area giving us a nice view of his bright yellow feet.
Just acroos the road we spotted a trio of American Goldfinch, and were able to sneak up on one for a couple of shots.
This lady Redwinged Blackbird provided us not only with her presence, but responses to the males calls as well.
Having watched a cow moose mosey on by we headed into another good area, this time watching for Baltimore Orioles. We didn't get all the way to the "spot" when we watched a pair go screaming by.
This is one of our favourite dead end roads with the Oriole's, and Sora's that are present. We also spotted a pair of greater whitefronted geese on the pond. Here is a little Sora on the move.
I think this is a fully mature female Baltimore.
We also found two pairs of Black Terns. these are very difficult birds to capture. Since I had two in the same frame, I thought I would post them.
Whenever we get a body of water here in Alberta, we always get the Redwinged Blackbird. These birds give us photographers fits as we try to capture them in flight. Here is another poor result.
Although I could continue throwing up shots I'll end this post with a House Wren. It was just a singing away.
What a terrific day. A great job by our tour guide Jamie! I think he was feeling the pressure until we starting spotting stuff everywhere.

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