Monday, 23 June 2014

Bobolink, Grosbeak, GGO (20140621) Closest encounter yet with a GGO, longest day of the year!

Tim has been getting out quite a bit this year, but his difficulty remains "where do we go?". He decided on the North West so I was happy to oblige. Our first couple of sideroads produced a couple of photo opportunities but nothing really of note. As we swung onto our main road we spied a life bird for Tim and I. There have been some recent posts of a Bobolink, so I knew exactly what it was when it appeared.
As is usually the case with a "new bird" I will add a second image.
These birds have a beautiful melodious song. We spied and and shot a couple of Solitaire's and the weather was being very uncooperative. We did find a GGO that we managed to spend a little time with.
I will do a supplemental as this was bird provided us with some entertainment. I am hoping Tim will send me one or two of his shots for the supplemental. This is the closest I have been to one of they majestic hunters. In my last GGO supplemental I provided a shot in flight that I mentioned was a study of anatomy here is an up-close portrait! No crop :)
After about 40 minutes with this beauty, and no other traffic interuptions we left him to keep hunting. Just up the road we found this Rosebreasted Grosbeak.
As you can tell from the background we had brutal light once again. We actually got rained on a few times, so it was less than ideal. Our next find was this Sandhill Crane.
Next up was another first for the year. A lone Lesser Yellowlegs was wading in the pond. I will need to get a closer shot of one of these little units, maybe from the blind one day.
On the way home Tim spotted this Great Blue Heron another first of the year here on the blog. Another bird that I will get better photos of before too long. Here it is with landing gear down.
Before we got back to the truck Tim spied this Eagle being harrassed by the Swainson's hawk. They were a long way up. But the Swainson was very persistent.
We were getting close to the end of our trip when this common Grackle showed up for some images.
Our last "catch" of the day was this Muley doe with her fawn. It was nice to catch them out in open.
That was our day, home by 2:00 with a fabulous set of images and memories of a wildlife day in Alberta.
Tim tossed me over a couple of shots of our owl encounter.
It is a great day when you can get up close and personal with such a tremendous predator.
I thought I should give Tim a crack at an action shot, so I told the owl to pop over a pole or two.
It also shows you how we get all those "backend" shots!

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