Friday, 27 June 2014

Grizzly supplemental (20140622) More images from last Sunday

This was my first shot of this beautiful little yearling. I was really surprised at just how small mom was. She was only about twice the size of her youngster. But this little sweetie just gave us all kinds of opportunities. While they were cognizant of us, they were ever vigilant about what else was goin on around them.
Here is a shot of the pair of them. Something, other than us, got their attention.
 Here is a little profile shot of mom, what I like about these two is that they haven't been tagged in any manner yet.
Another shot of the two of them side by side.
At this point  Blondie was getting pretty close. I was getting ready to shout at it to raise its awareness that being that close wasn't safe. It never stopped though, and just kept working the area.
Here is a sshot of the dandelion bear with his hardware all hidden. This was a pretty healthy bear, and getting healthier.
So I better throw an image in of one of the young cubs as well. They are always a big hit:)
I hope that you like the series. Next weekend promises more opportunities  and maybe some even better shots.

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