Thursday, 26 June 2014

Great Grey Supplemental (20140621) More shots fo our time with a GGO

We watched at the fence line and watched as this bird worked from all sorts of close to the ground perches around the property where it was hunting.
It would search and occasionally "pounce" looking for more to eat.
 It was easy to see that this bird was at home in its environment as machinery was everywhere. All the bird did was use it as a perch onwhich to ambush its prey from.
In the hour that we were treated with this birds presence we were also treated to all sorts of weather. From light showers to heavy cloud and even some bright sun.
This was the grass mound where the bird was positioned prior to it coming to land on the fence post about 9 feet from me.
I even managed to get Tim into a shot. With the owl so close to me I was in all of his shots :)
One of our last views of this great bird. It crossed the road and waited for us to take a few images before heading into the woods.
I hope you enjoy the images. We certainly had a super time taking them.

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