Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Badgers, Redwinged Blackbirds, Godwit. (20140607) Saturday in the blind Part three (does anyone remember Chicago's Saturday in the Park?)

Here we go with Part three. I have been remiss in not mentioning the beautiful sun  and light we enjoyed this day. It was OUTSTANDING, if only we could bottle for later when we have poor conditions. As we put ourselves into position we were trete to more up close exposures. Like this Redwing Blackbird. Love the red reflection in the water.
Here is another shot of the bird a little closer. I wanted to show the feather layering. The red feathers are really hard to get good detailed images of.
There were a lot of Black terns floating around. Here I tried to capture a few of them on the posts, nice background too:) Can you find all 11 terns?
This is a juvenile male RedWing Blackbird. I find the colour on the front wing edge very interesting. He won't get his red and yellow feathers until next year.
I thought I would put in an up close image of a Black Tern. Very tough birds to shoot effectively.
On the way home found a pair of Blackcrowned Nightherons but they were pretty close to the road and didn't hold for us.
We also found yet another first of the year bird(s), here is a pair of Marbled Godwits. We spent a fair amount of time with these two, but they would not allow us to close the distance at all.
We also found a GHO and spotted many other birds  like this Pintail. It would seem that every time we found these birds it was cloudy so we were happy when we found one in some sun.
Tim was getting a little frustrated with me not stopping on occassion for birds. He seemed to think I was ignoring him, but I wasn't. I ws being directed to our next find. When I spotted these youngsters close to town all was forgiven.
This was Tim's first sight of a North American version of the Badger. I believe that there may have been a third unit with these two.  I also expect that these juveniles were frustrated with being couped up in the den, and were venturing our while mom wasn't around.
This was definitely the find of the day, and yet another first for the year and first all time posting on the blog. I have other shots, but they were from quite a while ago.
Once they were safely underground they took a little time to do a little more excavating. Here is a shot of the dirt flying out of their burrow.
It was a super way to end the day. It was still only 2:00 in the afternoon. I will close off here as this wraps up a Super day with a super guy. Perhaps we too can have a super day?

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